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Friday - Dancing 💃

Sega is the national Creole dance in Mauritius as well as on the neighbouring Island of Réunion.

It was originally invented by the slaves who toiled all day on the plantations, In the evening, when they returned home and fed their families, they started to dance the night away.

It is a story-dance that conveys the hard life and its little pleasures. All movements and words are of a kind that people act in their lives.

For example, all day long she mowed the grass la-la-la, then washed her children's trousers - la-la-la, fed her husband - la-la-la, went dancing with him, taking him by his ding-ding-dong. In a nutshell, it goes something like this.

The dance is a cultural heritage of the islands and is still danced everywhere.

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