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The treasure of English Harbour

Antigua and Barbuda.

Despite the island's small territory and population, this piece of land between Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea has a history dating back to the 18th century.

Best Travel Antigua

The pride of Britain, Admiral Horatio Nelson in 1783, returning from France, which he was as Britt unpleasantly surprised, went to carry out a patrol service in the West Indies on the royal frigate Boreas.

Best Travel Antigua

Bringing the ship to Antigua in 1784 to replenish provisions, Nelson decided to land here briefly to recharge his batteries.

Known for his amorous nature, the brave admiral immediately felt in love with Jane Mowtray, wife of the British Admiralty's representative on the island, and when the representative and his wife were recalled back to London, the admiral started to drink heavily, drawing out his longing.

Best Travel Antigua

These photos show English Harbour, where Nelson was stationed with his frigate. The inhabitants of Antigua are very grateful to his continuous drunkenness on the island, thanks to which the excellent local rum English Harbour appeared here.


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